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What We Offer

Formal, Structured Systems/Training

Completely systematize your hardware & PCB design process in 120 hours of intensive training (about 12 weeks @ 10 hours a week) so you never worry about board re-spins due to poor PCB layout.

Practical Real-World Products

You and your team build real-world projects that are on the market, so that you can handle most design challenges ranging from analog, digital, mixed-signal, and power electronics, to DDR, System on Chip, System on Module, Single Board computers, Ethernet, without scratching your heads, trying to figure it out on the fly, or outsourcing at extremely high rates.

Industry Standards

Design to industry standards such as IPC-2221 for general PCB layout, ISO standards for schematic capture, and IPC-7351 for footprint creation to make your designs stand the test of time and any environment.


Why Choose Us

When advancing their career through hardware or PCB design and EDA software, many engineers struggle with getting work done for running projects and self-learning hardware & PCB design that will ACTUALLY get them to their goals. There is rarely enough time to focus on the tips you picked up from books, PDFs, online courses, and YouTube. And even when you do, they can lead to confusion, and reduced confidence in your skills to make designs without fear of mistakes, which I call hardware anxiety.

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You find that after some videos, it doesn’t bring the whole picture of hardware design. And after taking online courses, you run the risk of only being able to do that board design, not just any design. This is the trap of copy-paste hardware design. The idea of working most of the time, without gaining much progress in the skills you want leaves you feeling empty, burnt out and always behind, never able to achieve your true goals. I want to show you how life can be when you put intentional focus on the essential activities that bring fulfillment and purpose of innovative hardware design. With your new skills, you will be able to hold your head higher, and walk with more intention and purpose almost immediately even among senior EE designers and feel that you have an abundance of ideas and products you can support in your industry and even share with the world. It’s time for you to step up and be fair to yourself and your loved ones. It’s time to step into the new you, skilled, successful and filled with purpose to design the future now, and not some day in the future. Apply today to start making shifts in your career and the tech industry!


All clients can expect the following

One-on-One coaching to make a custom plan for your path to success.

A portfolio of products to show practical real-world design experience.

Component Selection skills so you can create any hardware of your dreams.

Best practices are instilled in you so that you create worry-free designs.

Beat hardware anxiety and know that your design will work right the first time.

With the right hardware skills, you will have more options for a flexible schedule.

More Benefits...

  • Your team will thrive from the support you provide with ease and you will be respected in your field to solve complex design tasks.
  • You will be able to handle design updates and reviews in your new job as a hardware engineer or PCB designer without issues.
  • You will get more flexibility in your work, with opportunities to even work remotely.
  • Unlock the world of tech and make that technology you have always wanted.

We Love Happy Clients

Here Is What They Are Saying:

“Kirsch, your ability to motivate and create opportunities for your students is unmatchable. You are able to take weaknesses and turn them into strengths we never knew we had within. You have already changed my life and we are just getting started! Thank you for showing us a path; to the moon, we go!; “Can’t pinpoint why, but for some reason prior to starting this boot camp, I always thought EMI/SI/multiple layers was a “scary and complex” topic.

Maybe because I did horrible in EMAG 101 during college and never understood or cared for the purpose of what a waveguide was.
Your teaching style and your introduction to these topics were very helpful and easy to grasp. (I barely needed to take notes, I was able to “absorb” the material with a couple of replays.)

The layout is also becoming less complicated (and a bit of fun) now that I know there is a reason for specific ways of routing, adding the various types of vias, and the different strategies of stacking planes..”

– Parimal Patel

“Like I said, I fully believe that you were the reason I got this Job” –”

– Kaitlyn Nakamura
(Hardware Engineer at L3 Harris)

“I think at some point I was getting depressed because I couldn’t secure [an] internship🤦🏾‍♂️. Luckily I got an offer letter yesterday.”

– Dismas Too
Hardware Engineering Intern at Teradyne
“Highly recommended course.”

– Roy Roif
Hardware Design Engineer at Airspan Networks
“I have learnt so much these past few weeks…the material has been totally awesome…rewarding; challenging; stimulating; comprehensive, even exhilarating … you really are helping me unpack the OrCAD/Cadence-Allegro PCB Editor “tool box” in a very systematic and detailed manner…good job Kirsch…GREAT training material. You’ve really put together something special here, Kirsch.”

– Jake Jacobsen
Senior RF Engineer, Australia

“I wanted to share with you the good news. I received an offer as a PCB Layout Engineer, and I have accepted the offer.

Thank you so much for your support. Your courses and advice are the ones that helped me land this job. Thank you for making those videos in your program that were related to this job application without hesitation.

I hope you continue to share your knowledge and experience because I will be taking notes.”

– Fithawi Weldegebriel
Hardware Engineer at Juniper Networks

How Does It Work




Meet Your Coach

Kirsch Mackey

Kirsch Mackey is a control systems engineer, a hardware system design engineer, and a PCB designer at HaSofu. He is the head of a leading PCB design career development program transforming lives in the industry. Kirsch is leading the charge towards education, helping electrical engineers design their own printed circuit boards and turning it into a highly paid skill using professional software (e.g. Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, EAGLE, DipTrace, PADS, etc.).

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